DERMAMAY simple and effective procedures of daily facial care. Product use is ensured by precise instructions available on the packing. Already after the first application, you will feel the mask quickly and easily moisturizing the skin, it becoming denser, more elastic, visually improved with activated regeneration processes.

DERMAMAY DERMAMAY Bio cellulose masks for the face and skin provide excellent moisturizing and softening of the skin, advancing its active regeneration and protecting from the environmental damage.
Bio cellulose masks are the latest tendency in the production of face and neck masks.

Bio cellulose is a natural component obtained as a result of microbiological fermentation of coconut juice, that contains lipids, proteins as well as Group A, C and B vitamins, microelements, minerals, and natural fruit acids. The composition ensures favorable effect on sensitive skin, advances fast regeneration and protects the skin from negative environmental effect.

Bio cellulose is a special fiber containing structure that allows itself to absorb large amount of serum and enlarge contact area. Bio cellulose fibers are the thinnest naturally occurring fibers. Special splice of bio cellulose fibers ensures their possibility to stretch out, as a result of which the mask tightly fits the skin matching face and neck contours. The compressive action of bio cellulose ensures intensive lifting effect on the skin and simultaneously advances the penetration of active components in the skin. Bio cellulose masks contain serum with exclusively patented ingredients that particularly differentiate these masks from other skin care products.

Bio cellulose mask DERMAMAY soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin in its deeper layers, improving skin appearance already in 20 minute use. The mask forms a protective film that effectively enriches the skin with serum components.

DERMAMAY content and features:

Fucogel® Fucogel® patented multicomponent moisturizer. Moisturizes and softens the skin, enhances its elasticity and resilience. The skin becomes denser; as a result, the contour of the face is improved.
Hyaluronic acid Natural moisturizer. Forms an even and elastic film on the skin. Improves skin structure and quality.
Aloae vera Effectively moisturizes the skin due to amino acids and hydrocarbons. Possessed active and softening effect. Ideally suitable for dry and age- affected skin. Penetrates the epidermis much easier than water, nourishes the dermis.
Collagen Responsible for skin elasticity and resistance.

Instructions for use:
Open the aluminum packing. Remove the protective layer from the mask and put the mask on the face. Smooth out the mask. Adjust the cuttings for eyes and the mouth. Leave the mask on the face for 20 minutes.

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