Exclusive premium class products of aesthetic medicine and cosmetologyBIOFORMULA® (Italy) – 30 years of experience in the research, development and production of high­quality aesthetic medicine and cosmetology products.

BIOFORMULA® – all products are developed and produced in Italy; approved by health protection institutions of Italy.

BIOFORMULA® – careful selection of natural raw­materials, serious scientific researches, constant cooperation with highly­qualified clinic specialists and university scientists in many world countries.

BIOFORMULA® does not use preservatives, dyes and aromatics in their production; does not conduct animal testing. All production components are absolutely harmless to the consumers and surrounding environment.

BIOFORMULA® observes all existing legislative regulations and standards, using modern production equipment and accumulated scientific and technical potential. The production process is carefully controlled and products comply with all European standards ­ of production, quality, safety (GMP, ISO and CE).

BIOFORMULA® – innovative solutions for skin protection from ageing and environmental damage (environmental changes, UV rays, etc.).

BIOFORMULA® – one of the largest European companies to offer skin­care products that are demanded in more than 30 world countries.

Official distributor: ERKO Group Ltd, 1 Vingrotāju Street, Riga, Latvia, LV1010, t. +371 26119959,,